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The NACRJ grant initiative, launched in 2016, has distributed over $40,000.00 to NACRJ members nationwide. The initiative aims to empower and enable organizations and individuals committed to the principles and practices of community and restorative justice to undertake a wide range of meaningful projects.

As an organization, we are working to strengthen our own internal capabilities and financial resources, with a focus on reallocating funds through our grant initiative to further assist our members in their endeavors. We believe this is one important way for us to live out our mission to serve and support the field of community and restorative justice.

There are two options for NACRJ members to apply for a grant:

Applications for grants up to $500 are accepted on a quarterly basis. Quarterly deadlines for 2024 are April 1, July 1, and September 1. We anticipate awarding 2-3 Mini-Grants per quarter. Our goal is to announce decisions within one month of the quarterly deadline. To apply for a Mini-Grant, please click HERE.

Impact Grant:
Applications for grants up to $3,000 are accepted once per year. Deadline: April 1, 2024. We anticipate awarding 4-5 Impact Grants per year.  Our goal is to announce decisions by June 1. To apply for an Impact Grant, please click HERE.

NACRJ grant opportunities are open to NACRJ members. If you're uncertain about the status of your NACRJ membership, please reach out to If you're not currently a member but would like to join, please visit our membership page.

Why Apply? 
This is a unique opportunity to receive funding and support for projects that make a tangible difference in practicing and promoting community and restorative justice. Successful projects will not only receive financial backing, but also gain visibility and networking opportunities within the NACRJ and broader restorative justice community.


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