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Mini-Grant Recipients – 2018

The Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR) at Missouri State University (Springfield, MO)
Project Title: Restorative justice processes for Student Code of Conduct violations
Description: Development of a trio of restorative justice options for use in addressing violations of the Missouri State Student Code of Conduct.   The trio of restorative justice options include: Facilitated Campus Conduct Mediation/Dialogues, Understanding Impact Program (modified victim-impact program), and Restorative Coaching (one-on-one coaching).

River Phoenix Center for Peace Building (Gainesville, FL)
Project Title: Pre-trail/Post-conviction Restorative Justice services for adult criminal cases
Description: Funds to conduct 40-60 pre-circle phone calls and the facilitation of 20 restorative justice circles in the Eighth Judicial Circuit of north central Florida. Circles would be offered to 1) individuals charged with a felony crime and 2) victims and community impacted. Currently there is no state or local funding available to cover cost of pre-trial or post-conviction RJ circles for adult criminal cases.

Florida Restorative Justice Association
Project Title: Statewide Restorative Justice Conference
Description:  First statewide restorative justice conference in Florida to be held in fall 2018.  This conference will bring together leaders in the fields of education, law enforcement, public administration, and related social sciences to share best practices, challenges, and much-needed solidarity.

Restorative Justice Coalition of Central Texas (Austin, TX)
Project Title: Training for Criminal Justice (CJ) professionals
Description:  Funding to provide 3 VOMD trainings for CJ professionals.  One training to be held in March for county attorneys and staff.   A second training to be held in June for the Travis County defense bar.  The third training will be part of an existing annual training retreat for Travis County CJ professionals.

Triad Restorative Justice (Lewisville, NC)
Project Title: Re-Entry Process for middle school students
Description: Triad is a new organization that recently launched in NC and is seeking to partner with 2 local schools who are interested in learning more about restorative practices (RP).  Triad will pilot a Re-Entry Circle process for students transitioning back to their home school (traditional middle school) from an alternative middle school.

City of Keene Youth Services (Keene, NH)
Project Title: High School Restorative Justice Pilot Project
Description: Design and implement a pilot restorative justice program for Keene High School. The program will address disruptive behavior, truancy, and conflicts by implementing circle processes to respond to student behavior.  Conflict resolution circles will be implemented to build listening, empathy, and accountability skills.

Occidental College (Los Angeles, California)
Project Title: Restorative Justice Training for student leaders/advisors at Occidental College
Description: Training project to build community and RJ practices at Occidental College. The goal is to train student groups and advisors to learn RJ practices.  Trainees include the College’s Honor Board, Senate, Diversity and Equity Board, resident advisors, and other interested student leaders. This training is part of a larger cultural shift at Occidental College to incorporate RJ practices.

Network for Victim Recovery of DC (NVRDC) (Washington, DC)
Project Title: Training and services for survivor defined justice
Description: Pilot project to 1) provide two workshops to train staff to identify clients’ interests in restorative services and 2) offer restorative options to more fully achieve survivor defined justice. A restorative practitioner will assess cases and facilitate the necessary pre-meetings, interventions, and follow-up.  Restorative processes include conferencing, circles and victim-offender dialogue.

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