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NACRJ regularly convenes working groups to develop resources for practitioners, educators, trainers, academics, and others interested in utilizing restorative and community building practices.  As an association, we seek to inform policy makers and to educate the public about the potential of community and restorative justice to produce safer and more equitable communities. Resources we’ve developed include:

The National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) Board of Directors and Advisory Council promote policies and procedures that adopt and strongly support the use of community and restorative justice processes within criminal and juvenile legal systems. A variety of restorative justice processes and practices have been shown to create profound change both within these systems as well as in the lives of individual participants across the United States. Restorative and community justice processes should be primary options across the legal continuum for persons impacted by or responsible for harm or crime. The participation of legal system partners is essential to achieving this goal and likely necessitates refocusing current priorities, processes, roles and responsibilities ...

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