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Throughout its years of operation, NACRJ has amassed a large resource library spanning several decades and a wide variety of topics specific to, or intersecting with, the fields of community and restorative justice.

The library largely consists of resources shared with us, as well as resources we’ve found or utilized in our work.  The library serves as both an archive and a place to locate newly published resources.

The inclusion of a resource in the library is not intended to be an endorsement by NACRJ.  Rather, it is simply a collection of resources that may be of interest to those looking for information on community and restorative justice. NACRJ engages its membership throughout the year to curate new resources for the library.

Additionally, NACRJ has developed their own resources, and we invite you to review and use as needed.

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NACRJ members can access the library through the Member Hub.

Non-members can request access to the library by request.

Allow 1-2 business days to receive access information via email.



NACRJ members are invited to add book recommendations (Community/Restorative Justice and adjacent topics) via the Member Hub.

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