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Join NACRJ for A Talking Circle to Celebrate Pride 2023

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Saturday June 3, 2023

10:00AM - 12:30PM CT

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For Pride 2023, we celebrate and reflect on how far we've come, recognizing the incredible strides toward LGBTQ+ equity in recent decades. Through fierce advocacy and unwavering determination, we've witnessed legal victories, societal shifts, and greater representation. However, amidst the celebrations, we remain mindful of the long road ahead. We acknowledge the battles yet to be fought, the barriers yet to be shattered, and the hearts yet to be fully embraced. So, let us join together in Circle to listen to one another, empower one another, and conceptualize a future where equity knows no bounds.

Since 2020, hundreds of people across the country have come together in NACRJ’s Online Community Sharing Circles to share current events, harms, needs, and opportunities. The past few years have taught us the necessity of creating space for authentic connection, expression, relationship, and community building, especially during challenging times. Together, with the assistance of Circle Keepers from across the country, we host these circles to create a sacred space of deep listening to one another.

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