6th National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice

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Oakland, CA Conference, June 2017

Moving Restorative Justice from Margins to Center:

We're the Ones We've Been Waiting For

  • Promoting radical inclusivity and healing. Elevating historically marginalized voices in the areas of race, class, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual identity, age, ability, religion (e.g., Islamaphobia), immigration, and incarcerated or formerly incarcerated status.
  • Promoting radical healing for all people, engaging restorative justice with the expanding fields of body-mind awareness, and arts-based, cultural and trauma healing practices.
  • Exploring the intersection of restorative justice with other contemporary movements such as abolitionism, #BlackLivesMatter, and transgender and sexual violence activism.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Gail Christopher (Kellogg Foundation)

Dr. Gail Christopher
Racial Healing: The Journey to Sustained Transformation

Jerry Tello

Jerry Tello Acknowledging Ancestor Wisdom: Honoring the Roots of Restoration and Transformation


Judges Andrew Becroft and Heemi Taumaunu (New Zealand)
Judge Andrew Becroft Judge Heemi Maana Taumaunu
Our Youth/Juvinile Justice System: Radical surgery required or just some Nip and Tuck?

Dr. Angela Davis & Erika Huggins
Dr. Angela Davis Erica Huggins
Conversation with Youth – Social JUstice Issues and Engaging Marginalized Voices

Stephanie Autumn
Stephanie Autumn
Indigenous Nation Rebuilding & the Integration of Indigenous Restorative Practices Framework


Tracks and Workshops

  1. Calling Forth Our Future: A youth-centered and youth-driven track.
  2. Explorers: designed for participants who are new to restorative justice.
  3. Deep Divers: for seasoned practitioners wanting to hone skills and deepen their understandings.
  4. Movement Builders: For those wanting to promote larger-scale movement growth and social transformation.


Conference Awards

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